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February 14, 2007


Loree Monroe

I just went to The Recorder archives and found another editorial by John Pertroski about a man's right to have a say in a woman's choice for abortion. I agree that this topic is likely more controversial and he has a right to his opinion when there are varied thoughts. His statements are still is very unsympathetic toward women. He says, "but a mother can overrule his opinion and decide that her carefree nights of binge drinking take precedence to another human’s life." Now, in my experience, women who have chosen abortion did so for other reasons than their desire to continue binge drinking.
I just hope he isn't taking the risk of making any woman pregnant if he is not certain that woman's stand on abortion if this is how he feels. Like the website says: Ask First.

Juliette Grimmett

I am completely outraged by this. It doesn't make any sense to me that anyone could write something like this and not recognize its consequences. I do not believe what he is saying, and certainly do not want him to be doing public talks about this. I absolutely believe that he needs to be fired from the paper. He shows absolutely no empathy or consciousness surrounding violence against women. In fact, he clearly shows the opposite.

In trying to use this as a positive thing (uggghh, gulp), this editorial can (I hope) speak strongly to the need for University and community sexual violence employees to provide training to campus newspaper staff about issues surrounding interpersonal violence (stalking, sexual violence and relationship violence).

I do not feel that this John is worth any of my time. I hope that the campus community is outraged by what he has done (and also with the newspaper that published and printed it!) and responds to this.



What needs to happen:

1. John Petroski and editor-in-chief Mark Rowan need to resign. Their continued presence poisons the Recorder's credibility on the campus. As horrible as what Petroski wrote was, Rowan had the final say. He green-lighted Petroski and caused this situation. According to news reports, there have been complaints that the Recorder had grown increasingly hostile to women, gays and minorities in recent months. That falls on both of them. Sadly, they are both still around (Petroski was forced out of his position as editorial editor but is still free to write) and refuse to leave. Even former Recorder staff are calling on Rowan to step down:


2. There needs to be a stronger link between the Recorder and the English (which oversees Journalism) and Communications departments. Faculty advisors are that in name only. They have no presence at the Recorder, and the fault for that lies both with the advisors and the Recorder staff.

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