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February 16, 2007


Katherine Boyd

Thank You.

Katherine Boyd

I do not require, expect nor desire a response from Pitroski. I simply appreciate the opportunity to respond.

Katherine Boyd

I do sincerely hope this finds you & yours happy & healthy. I am not a vengeful person. I know that violence is not the way. I do not hate anyone. I am very angry at times. I do sincerely wish peace & harmony to all - even the ignorant male misogynistic offenders of society. I am a proponent of the First Amendment & I love Johnathon Swift. Pitroski's poorly written article is a sad solicitation to celebrate, glorify and incite hate violence. Hilayli was compassionate not to glorify rape and yet a movement ensued to deport him. Is Pitroski expelled from school? If not, please let no public funds support his apparent miseducation. Are women safer with male Islamic sexist bigots than with male American students and faculty? Perhaps. I am physically ill and exhausted. If this college rag is still wasting trees and webspace, and if I am so inclined, perhaps I will spend my energy this weekend composing an essay for them to consider printing. It may be titled, "Letter Bombs Only Hurt If You Open Them." Does that appeal to them as sensational satire? I don't like feeling so desperate and resorting to sarcasm, but I feel disgusted and compelled to add that perspective. I'll probably just forget about it because now I move from the anger to the sadness. I hope to contribute something to the world so that nobody has to live with this consuming, obligatory hypervigilance for personal safety. I didn't survive. I prevail. I know it's the world that needs to change. Dormitz is a better man than I for tackling the pervasive misogyny with such effective grace. I will go read Thich Nhat Hanh & maybe revisit Dworkin too (or not). The world and I still have healing to do.

Mary Samuel Reid

Mr. Petrowski, journalism has two purposes and two only. To find the truth
and print it. To speak truth to power.

Journalism which attacks, ridicules or humiliates the powerless, the
marginal, the victimized, the forgotten, the belittled, the minimalized --
in any society --- only strengthens the hands of the dominators among us who
are fulfilled when they are maintaining their power through control.
Control of ideas. Control of conversations. Control of media!

I hope you "get this." If you don't, you need to find another calling than
writing for the public.

May you live in safety.
May you be healthy.
May you be happy.
May you be at ease.

Vanessa K. Valdés

Let me just start with the following: I find even the title of this man's "satire" appalling. At the very least, it betrays a lack of knowledge about female anatomy. That being said, the one thing Mr. Petroski doesn't understand, it seems, is that while in his view, his piece was "over the top ridiculous," there are men (and women) all over the world who truly abide by the views he expressed. It is part and parcel of the blatant disrespect with which women across the world continue to contend. His initial point was to prove how sensationalistic the press is, and I fear that he interprets all of the coverage about his article as proving him right. This is much ado about nothing, it seems. I find it enlightening that this article appeared at the same time as the annual production of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues, a play committed to ending violence against women around the world. I would suggest that he take part in programs that focus on how the participation of men is fundamental in ending violence against women.

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